Bo Ramsey As Producer & Guitar Player

On The Range, Bo Ramsey (2024)

Co-Producer, Guitars

3 Song Slices, Kelly Pardekooper (2023)


How Many Miles, Bo Ramsey (2022)

 Producer, Guitars

Singing River, Chad Elliott (2021)

Co-Producer, Guitars

Red Sky, RB Morris (Singular Recordings 2020)

Co-Producer, Guitars

50-Weight, Kelly Pardekooper (Leisure Time Records 2018)

Producer, Guitars, Harmony Vocals

Blood Brothers, Jeffrey Foucault (Blue Blade Records 2018)


Wildwood Calling, Bo Ramsey (Lustre Records 2016)

Producer, Guitars

Above The Prairie, The Pines (Red House Records 2016)


Salt As Wolves, Jeffrey Foucault (Blue Blade Records 2015)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Paradise Outlaw, Pieta Brown (RedHouse Records 2014)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Always Been, Mason Jennings (Stats & Brackets 2013)

Producer, Guitar, Harmony Vocal

Sing The Delta, Iris Dement  (Flariella Records 2012)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Hymns To What Is Left, Greg Brown  (Sawdust Records 2012)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Red Winged Blackbird Man, Mike Mangione and The Union (Rodzinka Records 2012)

Producer, Guitar

Old Fashioned, John Statz  (Yer Bird Records 2012)

Producer, Guitar

Dark So Gold, The Pines (Red House Records 2012)


Yonder, Kelly Pardekooper  (Leisure Time Records 2011)

Producer, Guitars, Harmony Vocals

Mercury, Pieta Brown  (Red House Records 2011)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Freak FlagGreg Brown (YepRoc Records 2011)

Producer, Guitar, Harmony Vocals

When The Devil Goes Blind, Charlie Parr (Nero's Neptune 2010)


One And All, Pieta Brown (Red House Records 2010)

Co-Producer,  Guitar

Shimmer (EP), Pieta Brown (Red House Records 2009)

Guitar, Produced by Don Was

No Bird Sing, Self-Titled (2009)

Bo played weissenborn on song entitled “Dead Leaves”

Tremolo, The Pines (Red House Records 2009)

Co-Producer, Guitar & Harmony Vocals

Walking With Angels, Ernie Hendrickson (2009)

Producer, Guitar & Harmony Vocals

Redemption Man, Chad Elliott, (2009)

Producer, Guitar

Carried To Dust, Calexico (Touch and Go 2008)


Flight Time, Pieta Brown (T-Records 2008)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Grand Hotel, Milton (Maggadee Records 2008)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Fragile, Bo Ramsey (BoRamseyRecords 2008)

Co-Producer, Guitars

Remember the SunPieta Brown (One Little Indian 2007)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Sparrows In The Bell, The Pines (Red House Records 2007)

Producer, Guitar

Evening CallGreg Brown (Red House Records 2006)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Stranger BluesBo Ramsey (Bo Ramsey Records 2006)

Co-Producer, Guitars, & Vocals

Ghost RepeaterJeffrey Foucault (Signature Sounds 2006)

Producer, Guitar

In The CoolPieta Brown (Valley Entertainment, 2005)

Co-Producer, Guitar

Lifeline, Iris Dement (Flariella Records, 2004)

Co-Producer, Guitars Harmony Vocals

The PinesThe Pines (Trailer Records, 2004)

Executive Producer, Guitar & Harmony Vocals

Honey In The Lion's Head, Greg Brown (Trailer Records, 2003)

Co-Producer, Guitars

I Never Told, Pieta Brown (T Records, 2003)

Co-Producer, Guitars & Harmony Vocals

Lately from "Going Driftless (An Artist's Tribute to Greg Brown)", Lucinda Williams (Red House Records, 2002)

Producer, Guitars. Track received Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

Pieta BrownPieta Brown (Trailer Records, 2002)

Co-Producer, Guitars & Harmony Vocals

Essence, Lucinda Williams (Lost Highway Records, 2001)

Producer, Guitars. Nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Folk Album category.

Down to the Well, Kevin Gordon (Shanachie Records, 2000)

Co-Producer, Guitar & Background Vocals

Covenant, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 2000)

Producer, Guitars

Over & Under, Greg Brown (Trailer Records, 2000)

Co-Producer, Guitars

Swing Set, Ani Difranco (Righteous Babe Records, 2000 (6 song EP))

Guitar on live version of Woody Guthrie's 'Do Re Mi'

Larry LongWell May The World Go (Smithsonian Folkways, 2000)


"Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" VII, A Tribute to Pete Seeger (Appleseed Records, 2000)

Guitar on Larry Long's contribution to the disc, "Well May The World Go"

Lost Love & Highways, Teddy Morgan (Hightone Records, 1999)

Producer, Guitar, & Harmony Vocals

Breaking Down to 3, Dave Moore (Red House Records, 1999)

Co-Producer, Guitar, & Harmony Vocals

Requests, Joe Price (Trailer Records re-issue, 1999)

Guitar, Vocals

Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, Lucinda Williams (Mercury, 1998)

Guitar. Steve Earle produced, the release won the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

Cadillac Jack's #1 Son, Kevin Gordon (Shanachie, 1998)

Guitar, Harmony Vocals. Gary Tallent produced.

Visions of Plenty, Kate Campbell (Compass, 1998)

Guitar, Harmony Vocals. John Pierce produced. 

Uneasy Street, David Zollo (Trailer Records, 1998)

Co-Producer, Guitar 

In The Weeds, Bo Ramsey (Trailer Records, 1997)

Producer, Guitar & Vocals

Slant 6 Mind, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 1997)

Co-Producer, Guitar. Nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Folk Album category, and the album Musician magazine's Michael Gelfand wrote "stands in defiant opposition to the spreading influence of Electronica." 

Take That Ride, R.B. Morris (Oh Boy!, 1997)

Guitar, Vocals. R.S. Field produced. 

Further In, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 1996)

Producer, Guitar. The album Rolling Stone called "a contemplative gem" on their way to giving it a 4-star rating features some of Bo's strongest production work. 

Morning Is A Long Way From Home, David Zollo (Trailer Records, 1994)

Co-Producer, Guitar 

The Poet Game, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 1994)

Coproducer, guitar and vocals. The album received the 1995 National Association of Independent Record Distributor's (NAIRD) Award in the category of Best Singer/Songwriter and was featured as album of the month in the February 1995 issue of Stereo Review

Dream Cafe, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 1994)


Down To Bastrop, Bo Ramsey (Trailer Records, 1991)

Producer, Guitars & Vocals

Down In There, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 1990)


One Big Town, Greg Brown (Red House Records, 1989)

Co-Producer, Guitar. Bo's production work and guitar on Greg Brown's One Big Town contributed significantly to the 3 1/2 star rating it received inRolling Stone Magazine, and the record received the 1990 NAIRD Award for Best Adult Contemporary Pop Album of the Year.